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Saying Goodbye Dear Friend

Kane’s Catering has recently had to say goodbye to a long time friend and co-worker. Last week we laid to rest our dear friend Mark Guertin. Mark passed very unexpectedly. We want to take a moment to remember him.
Mark worked in our kitchen for many years. He showed up one day after recently leaving another job and asked to talk to the chef. Jerry knew that this was a man who knew food and had great experience working with many talented chefs.
Mark was a true artist in the kitchen. He loved to garnish and build beautiful platters. Everything he made looked to pretty to eat. His laugh was contagious and his smile as large as his heart. He was dependable and loyal to his family and his work, often times considering his work part of his family. We felt the same about him.
Mark took immense pride in his work and who he worked for. That is one of the things we loved most about him. We knew we could trust him with our name and reputation and that was not something he took lightly. He loved Kane’s Catering and he understood that there was a face and a family behind the name.
When you work closely with someone for many years, the bond you build is as deep as family. You share stories over pots of boiling potatoes and sauces. You share in each others victories and heart aches while cutting steaks. You become family. Mark, we miss you dear friend. Our kitchen feels so empty without you.

Dietary Restrictions Don’t Have To Feel Restrictive


Often times, what should be considered one of the most beautiful and celebrated times in your
life, can also very stressful. Congratulations! You are engaged. You have found the one
person that you want to spend the rest of your life with! If you have always dreamed about the
big traditional wedding and reception, you are now spending the next six to eighteen months
planning one of the biggest days of your life!. The dress, wedding party, color and theme,
venue, flowers, pictures, DJ, bar, cake, and caterer. The caterer, that is where we come in.
We get emails and calls from clients who are very worried about their reception meal. They are
worried not only because they want to have delicious food to feed there ever growing guest
list, but because on that guest list there is a growing number of those who have dietary
restrictions. We have honestly seen some clients in full blown panic because they are
concerned over what their guest who can and cannot eat. Wheat-gluten, dairy, soy, msg, nut
allergies, vegetarian, vegan, keto, so on and so forth. It is understandable. No one wants to
have their new husbands favorite aunt going into anaphylactic shock because the chicken was
prepared in peanut oil.
Talk to your vendor about your needs and the needs of your guests, expecting that they will
have a solution for you. We often handle this with a light and delicious gluten free pasta tossed
in olive oil and mixed with a bright and flavorful vegetable medley. This dish meets the dietary
restrictions of many and it is delicious. This dish along with a pan of an herb roasted potato
medley, baked chicken, and a garden salad, all of your guests can be taken care of including
any with dietary restrictions. Add to the menu a protein choice with a gourmet sauce, your
meal is complete.
Enjoy this special time it takes to plan your special day. Let me share some advice that was
given to me over 20 years ago by my Maid of Honor and cousin. I was getting particularly
stressed over the details of our day and she said to me, “Brandy, the point of this day is to get
married, you accomplish that, the rest of it is just extra stuff.” It made sense and put my mind
at ease. My wedding day came and I had so much fun. We wish the same for you.

A breath of fresh air

I have a confession to make. I actually like working with kids! I never thought I would be able to say that. I don’t know how many people I encountered that actually had me scared to death of those “teenage years”. I, however, have found that if you give these kids a chance, they can actually surprise you!

It all started with my own teenager. Our daughter is 16 years old. This last year she started working with us here at Kane’s. I found that with a little encouragement, she has done really well, and most of the time, we have really enjoyed working together. This made me think, maybe this is an opportunity to work with other young people? It would be nice to get some strong backs and new faces around.

This led to me recruiting my neighbors then 17-year-old son. He then referred a friend of his, and together they have referred another young man. I have also recruited from the youth at my church, a young lady who actually came to me, and a young man who is in youth group with my daughter.

One of the most impressive things about these young people is that they are all students, from high school to college. They keep up good GPA’s. Most of them are athletes as well. They have demanding work out and practice schedules. They are handling it all well.

I can tell you that I have not been disappointed with these young people at all. They have always worked hard, been eager to please, and have not complained at all. Honestly it has been refreshing. I am encouraged by their work ethic.

I have heard so many people complain about our young generation. “they don’t know what work is.” “they only care about themselves.” “they are spoiled kids.” I have found differently. These young people want to learn and want to earn their way. I feel that as the generation before them, are they not our responsibility? Perhaps we, as their employers and parents, should listen a little more to what they are saying, and then give them the opportunity to show us what it is they know.

I encourage anyone to take the time to get to know and work with our youth. How well do you know your teens friends? What about your neighbor’s teenager? You would be surprised how well they open up if you take the time to listen. You would also be surprised as to how hard they work for you if you give them the opportunity to try.

Still a Classic

Last winter I went to my husband and told him that as a brand, we really need to update our image.
“We need to refresh, we need a new look.” I said.

He was not convinced. “I like our look. It’s Classic.” He replied.

“You are just going to have to trust me.” I said.
He relented, with trust in the fact that through our 20 year relationship, of the 2 of us, I have been the one who made a living out of creating looks. My mission begins.

How do you re-launch an already very successful and trusted brand with a very recognized and well known name in its field? Honestly, I was not sure.

I had to think about what it was we were missing. I had to think about who our client is today. Then I had to think about what it is that we offer and what it was that we may need to change.
Immediately I realized that we needed to update our logo. We also needed a larger presence on social media and our website was in a major need of an overhaul. Aside from that and what comes along with it, like marketing materials and such, there was not a whole lot more to do.

You see, there is nothing wrong with a “classic”. Everyone loves a “classic.

Like the guy who is fortunate enough to find a 1965 Shelby Mustang. Everything under the hood is original and in mint condition. She is purring fine! All she needs is a little paint and polish, but every one knows that is a sweet kick ass car! That is a classic!

Like that pair of Levi 501 jeans. Been around for forever. Every once in awhile, they get a fresh look, but they still have that classic feel and look great every time you put them on. That is a classic!

The point is, there is not a whole lot you have to do to update a “classic.” The good stuff is there. You just shine it up a little. The best part about a “classic” is, every time you try it out, you will never be disappointed.

So here we are, a new look but still the same great service, and great tasting food, (with some new options for you as well) that you have trusted for years.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a “classic!”