Saying Goodbye Dear Friend

Kane’s Catering has recently had to say goodbye to a long time friend and co-worker. Last week we laid to rest our dear friend Mark Guertin. Mark passed very unexpectedly. We want to take a moment to remember him.
Mark worked in our kitchen for many years. He showed up one day after recently leaving another job and asked to talk to the chef. Jerry knew that this was a man who knew food and had great experience working with many talented chefs.
Mark was a true artist in the kitchen. He loved to garnish and build beautiful platters. Everything he made looked to pretty to eat. His laugh was contagious and his smile as large as his heart. He was dependable and loyal to his family and his work, often times considering his work part of his family. We felt the same about him.
Mark took immense pride in his work and who he worked for. That is one of the things we loved most about him. We knew we could trust him with our name and reputation and that was not something he took lightly. He loved Kane’s Catering and he understood that there was a face and a family behind the name.
When you work closely with someone for many years, the bond you build is as deep as family. You share stories over pots of boiling potatoes and sauces. You share in each others victories and heart aches while cutting steaks. You become family. Mark, we miss you dear friend. Our kitchen feels so empty without you.