Dietary Restrictions Don’t Have To Feel Restrictive


Often times, what should be considered one of the most beautiful and celebrated times in your
life, can also very stressful. Congratulations! You are engaged. You have found the one
person that you want to spend the rest of your life with! If you have always dreamed about the
big traditional wedding and reception, you are now spending the next six to eighteen months
planning one of the biggest days of your life!. The dress, wedding party, color and theme,
venue, flowers, pictures, DJ, bar, cake, and caterer. The caterer, that is where we come in.
We get emails and calls from clients who are very worried about their reception meal. They are
worried not only because they want to have delicious food to feed there ever growing guest
list, but because on that guest list there is a growing number of those who have dietary
restrictions. We have honestly seen some clients in full blown panic because they are
concerned over what their guest who can and cannot eat. Wheat-gluten, dairy, soy, msg, nut
allergies, vegetarian, vegan, keto, so on and so forth. It is understandable. No one wants to
have their new husbands favorite aunt going into anaphylactic shock because the chicken was
prepared in peanut oil.
Talk to your vendor about your needs and the needs of your guests, expecting that they will
have a solution for you. We often handle this with a light and delicious gluten free pasta tossed
in olive oil and mixed with a bright and flavorful vegetable medley. This dish meets the dietary
restrictions of many and it is delicious. This dish along with a pan of an herb roasted potato
medley, baked chicken, and a garden salad, all of your guests can be taken care of including
any with dietary restrictions. Add to the menu a protein choice with a gourmet sauce, your
meal is complete.
Enjoy this special time it takes to plan your special day. Let me share some advice that was
given to me over 20 years ago by my Maid of Honor and cousin. I was getting particularly
stressed over the details of our day and she said to me, “Brandy, the point of this day is to get
married, you accomplish that, the rest of it is just extra stuff.” It made sense and put my mind
at ease. My wedding day came and I had so much fun. We wish the same for you.