A breath of fresh air

I have a confession to make. I actually like working with kids! I never thought I would be able to say that. I don’t know how many people I encountered that actually had me scared to death of those “teenage years”. I, however, have found that if you give these kids a chance, they can actually surprise you!

It all started with my own teenager. Our daughter is 16 years old. This last year she started working with us here at Kane’s. I found that with a little encouragement, she has done really well, and most of the time, we have really enjoyed working together. This made me think, maybe this is an opportunity to work with other young people? It would be nice to get some strong backs and new faces around.

This led to me recruiting my neighbors then 17-year-old son. He then referred a friend of his, and together they have referred another young man. I have also recruited from the youth at my church, a young lady who actually came to me, and a young man who is in youth group with my daughter.

One of the most impressive things about these young people is that they are all students, from high school to college. They keep up good GPA’s. Most of them are athletes as well. They have demanding work out and practice schedules. They are handling it all well.

I can tell you that I have not been disappointed with these young people at all. They have always worked hard, been eager to please, and have not complained at all. Honestly it has been refreshing. I am encouraged by their work ethic.

I have heard so many people complain about our young generation. “they don’t know what work is.” “they only care about themselves.” “they are spoiled kids.” I have found differently. These young people want to learn and want to earn their way. I feel that as the generation before them, are they not our responsibility? Perhaps we, as their employers and parents, should listen a little more to what they are saying, and then give them the opportunity to show us what it is they know.

I encourage anyone to take the time to get to know and work with our youth. How well do you know your teens friends? What about your neighbor’s teenager? You would be surprised how well they open up if you take the time to listen. You would also be surprised as to how hard they work for you if you give them the opportunity to try.